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We decorate homes, businesses and stage homes for resale


Interior Creations is a full service interior decorating company that has been in existence since 1994. We decorate Residential and Commercial properties. We have decorated homes, restaurants, doctors offices, churches and a television station to name a few of our projects. We bring your dreams of an extraordinary room into fruition!

We also stage properties for Realtors and Builders. We use wonderfully curated items in the homes we stage that would cause any potential buyer to purchase a home upon their first look.

We work within your budget!

No two clients are alike!  


We provide the visual narration to other people's stories!



Give us a call today at (615)438-6530 or (615)824-0101

Pamela Dozier, Principle Interior Decorator and Owner

 [email protected] 

Hendersonville, Tennessee 






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